Race regulations


The following regulations was part of their agreement with RAF Marham 2011:

OUT OF BOUNDS AREAS – Any persons that was associated with an entry found anywhere in RAF Marham other than in the Area known as the Service Area or Spectator Areas was immediately going to be removed from RAF Marham. This was not included for the Competitors on any route given in the Roadbook.

PUNCTURES – Any competitor that had sustained a puncture whilst competing had to stop and change it immediately. Anyone found running a punctured tyre / bare rim anywhere on the venue was penalised.

CORNER CUTTING – To preserve grassed areas of the venue, corner-cutting was not going to be tolerated. A strict policy concerning corner-cutting was adhered to, any offenders was reported to the Clerk of the Course. Offenders was penalised as per SR23(zz) (first offence: 30 second penalty, further offences: exclusion).

ANIMALS – Animals was NOT permitted within RAF Marham. Any persons that was bringing animals into RAF Marham was penalised as per SR23(z) and removed from the venue.

QUAD BIKES, MOPEDS, MOTORCYCLES ETC IN THE SERVICE AREA – Any person that was found using any Quad Bike, Moped, Motorcycle etc. in the Service Area was penalised as per SR23(z).

SPEED LIMIT – There was a speed limit of 20 MPH on all access roads and service areas. This was enforced by officials and Military Police.