Cars was  split into the following Classes 2011

  1. Up to and including 1400cc
  2. Over 1400cc, up to an including 1600cc
  3. Over 1600cc, up to and including 2000cc
  4. Over 2000cc
  5. All 4 Wheel Drive Cars
  6. Endurance Spec
  7. Formula 1000
  8. Super 1000
  9. Historic Cars
  10. Old Style Minis
  11. New Style Minis


  1. All cars was needed to comply with the current MSA Yearbook in 2011.
  2. Engines with a forced induction system (turbocharger, supercharger etc) or rotary engines needed to have applied a multiplication factor of 1.7 to the actual engine capacity and then the appropriate class was determined by the new engine capacity.
  3. The event was open to all cars complying with R46 & R47.
  4. Cars entered for Class F was needed to comply with R20.